Welcome to Becky's Burger Wagon

Spring is Here, Mostly!

So Begin Outdoor Events and that means at the Burger Wagon is going to be out and about. We're booked out for several weekends at local events through this summer. But don't worry, in most cases we'll do our best to have our new location, Becky's Burger Barn open! However, check out our Events Calendar where you can see what's going on. We'd love to see you there!  

Becky Boyd

Becky's Burger Wagon #2 setup for an event with the back door open.
Becky's Burger Wagon Setup for an event with Becky just visible through the window.

Just Really Good Food For Your Event

With the opening of Becky's Burger Barn the Burger Wagons are exclusively sent out to cater events. Happy Tummies are still our Goal! If you'd like to have Becky's Burger Wagon at your event please give us a call or check out our Booking page for more details!

Becky Boyd, Owner of Becky's Burger Wagon